Bio-waste decontamination systems

Our bespoke systems neutralise pathogenic organisms prior to bio-waste being discharged in order to protect the environment from them.

The decontamination of bio-waste is essential where pathogenic organisms are present. We help our clients fulfil their obligations to protect public health and the environment.

Medical Gases’ bio-waste decontamination systems take the waste and ensure all active organisms within are neutralised and the effluent ph and temperatures are within acceptable ranges prior to discharge.

We work to build the very best, most efficient system for each individual project we undertake – designing the installation dependent on the biological safety levels and subsequent risk posed.  Ensuring our client has a bio-waste decontamination system that can cope with the demand of the chemical detritus that needs safe disposal is always our top priority – constantly aware of the severity of the potential risks to the public health and the environment.