Medical Gases

Industry leading bespoke turnkey systems – a single source solution for medical gas delivery systems designed and commissioned specifically and uniquely to our clients’ requirements.

Our medical gas supply systems are lifesaving.  We provide the systems and pipework that allows the safe and uncorrupted travels of lifesaving gases to reach the end user. 

Our systems can be found in hospitals and research laboratories all over the world, saving countless lives in emergency situations and giving new hope to old diseases. We have welcomed life too – our gas systems have seen future generations join the human race in labour rooms worldwide.  Our gas systems help numb the pain of a fractured arm or dislocated shoulder, aid the transplant of vital organs, blood and tissue and help sew a million stitches in a million wounds every single day.

For thirty years, we have developed a progressive and diverse range of capabilities within the medical gas arena, including design, manufacturing, installation, project management, testing, commissioning, maintenance and client training.

From conception through to completion – our high integrity, high purity medical gas supply systems are providing life-saving, life changing gases to patient rooms, recovery rooms and operating rooms as well as laboratories and research facilities around the world.

Medical Gases offers an industry leading bespoke turnkey gas delivery system, providing a single source solution that is designed and commissioned specifically and uniquely to our clients’ requirements.

Medical Piped Gas Systems

Oxygen may be used for patients requiring supplemental oxygen via a mask. Usually accomplished by a large storage system of liquid oxygen at the hospital which is evaporated into a concentrated oxygen supply, pressures are usually around 55 psi.  In small medical centres with a low patient capacity, oxygen is usually supplied by multiple standard cylinders.

Nitrous Oxide is supplied to various surgical suites for its anaesthetic functions during pre-operative procedures. Delivered to the hospital in standard cylinders and supplied through the Medical Gas pipeline system. System pressures around 4 barg.

N20 Mostly used in operating theatres and sometimes in dental clinics for anaesthesia.

Medical Air is generally supplied by a centralized compressed air plant to patient care areas using clean outside air. Pressures are maintained around 4 barg. Medical air can be used as surgical air when the pressures are raised to 7 barg. Surgical air is used in driving pneumatic tools in operating theatre areas. Both can be supplied via combined plant or separate standalone systems.

Medical air is used for a variety of patient applications. Many patients sensitive to oxygen toxicity are delivered air to lower their exposure to oxygen. Many of these patients have extremely delicate respiratory systems or processes which rely on a pure, accurate concentration of medical air. Some examples of patients dependent on a reliable, quality air supply would be neonates and those patients suffering from adult respiratory depression syndrome. Medical air is also used during anaesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure. While the source of medical air may be a manifold with a bank of compressed air cylinders, most hospitals use a compressor system.

Medical Vacuum in a hospital supports vacuum equipment and evacuation procedures, usually supplied by a centralised  vacuum pump systems exhausting to the atmosphere. Continuous vacuum is maintained around 450 mm of mercury.

Waste Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS) Anaesthetic gas scavenging system : A complete system which conveys expired and/or excess anaesthetic gases from the breathing system to the exterior of the building via a side channel blower and distribution pipe line to a place where they can be discharged safely.

Entonox is a ready-to-use medical gas mixture consisting of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen for use in all situations where analgesia and sedation with rapid onset and offset is sought. Delivered to the hospital in standard cylinders and supplied through the Medical Gas pipeline system. System pressures around 4 barg.

Entonox has a broad range of applications from emergency medicine to painful diagnostic & therapeutic procedures, common examples of its uses are.

  • Acute trauma such as fracture and joint manipulation
  • Short term relief treatments involving pain, such as wound & burns dressings, wound cleansing and suturing.
  • Labour and child birth
  • Invasive procedures such as colonoscopie, lumbar puncture, cannulation and venepuncture.

Typically used to inflate or suspend tissues during surgery, and also used in laser surgeries.

System pressures are maintained at about 4 barg.

Culture growth applications include controlled aerobic or anaerobic incubator atmospheres for biological cell culture or tissue growth.  Controlled aerobic conditions are created using mixtures rich in oxygen and anaerobic conditions are created using mixtures rich in hydrogen or carbon dioxide.

There are many gas mixtures used for clinical and medical applications.  They are often used for patient diagnostics such as lung function testing or blood gas analysis.  Test gases are also used to calibrate and maintain medical devices used for the delivery of anaesthetic gases.

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