Water & Steam Systems

The purified water and steam delivery systems we supply to pharmaceutical companies, research facilities, hospitals and laboratories throughout the world are unrivalled in design and execution.

Puretech create and care for the delivery of vital purified water, pure steam and water for injection for hospitals, research facilities and laboratories across the world.  A commitment to the delivery of excellence – from the very first consultation to final completion – and an appreciation of the severity of anything less than utter and unadulterated purity makes us the very best purified water specialist in the world.


Puretech Pre-Treatment units are the ultimate solution for treating mains water prior to the purification process.

Purified water

Puretech offers world leading Purified Water generation systems for the pharmaceutical & Biopharma markets.

Pure Steam generation

Puretech offers world leading solutions for Pure Steam Generation. Our steam systems, like our Pure Water & WFI systems, meet the standards expected in the pharmaceutical market.

WFI generation

Puretech offers world leading solutions for the production of Water for Injection.

Storage & distribution

World leading solutions for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical grade purified water and water for injection.