Pure Steam Generation

Puretech offers world leading solutions for Pure Steam Generation. Our steam systems, like our Pure Water & WFI systems, meet the standards expected in the pharmaceutical market.

Puretech Pure Steam Generation systems provide steam for pharmaceutical applications adhering with all the standards you’d expect to see in the market.


Puretech steam generation (PSG) systems take treated water, free from volatile additives, and purify it to the required specification for the application. If  clean steam is required an OASYS unit is used and if pure steam is required a Genesys WFI unit is used to provide water purified to comply with the pharmacopoeia parameters for injectable quality water.

The purified water or WFI is evaporated in a steam generator – producing either clean or pure steam.

Operation of Puretech’s steam generation systems is fully automated. A programmable controller, which can be monitored and controlled via a touch screen control panel, manages the equipment via sensors and provides warning signals and alarms.

All units are fully pre-validated in the factory to test its compliance with EN 258 (HTM 2010) standards in terms of saturation, heating and non-condensable gas levels.

The main applications for pure steam are in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Clean steam is very efficient for sterilising due to the double effect produced by the heat of condensation (latent heat transfer) and the humidity generated, with wetting resulting in cellular wall pore opening and heat cell protein coagulation or denaturalisation, which is lethal. This makes it ideal for autoclaves,  cleaning processing equipment and conditioning materials.

Clean and pure steam can be piped via a system of stainless-steel orbitally welded pipes to the point of use. With all Puretech purified water and clean steam systems the stainless-steel pipework is orbitally welded to give the cleanest surface possible internally and externally and to give the maximum possible integrity to the joints. An argon purge of the system is used to prevent oxidisation internally and a borescope is used to check the system prior to commissioning.


Related Products

Puretech’s innovative generation systems, OASYS and GENESYS WFI,  facilitate the production of purified and WFI, complying with all relevant pharmacopeia standards.

OASYS (chemical sanitisation)

OASYS is a chemical sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water purified water. Find out more.

GENESYS WFI (thermal sanitisation)

GENESYS is the ultimate water purification system – a thermal sanitisation system that provides a single source solution for taking raw water to WFI quality.

GENESYS and OASYS were industry firsts in offering start to finish purification in one unit and established Puretech as the recognised market leader in this field. We strive to maintain this position through sustained innovation and faultless delivery.


AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre

Puretech engineered and installed a purified water to system at the AstraZeneca Research and Development Centre, Cambridge, taking raw water from the mains through purification using OASYS units. The purified water, which is stored in a 5000-litre tank, is distributed via a stainless-steel ring main to user points in the laboratories.