Medical Gases ENTONOX  ( N2O 50%/O2 50%)

ENTONOX is a ready-to-use medical gas mixture consisting of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen for use in all situations where analgesia and sedation with rapid onset and offset is sought. Delivered to the hospital in standard cylinders and supplied through the Medical Gas pipeline system. System pressures around 4 barg.

Entonox has a broad range of applications from emergency medicine to painfuldiagnostic & therapeutic procedures, common examples of its uses are.

  • Acute Trauma such as fracture & joint manipulation
  • Short term relief treatments involving pain, such as wound & burns dressings, wound cleansing & suturing.
  • Labour and child birth
  • Invasive procedures such as Colonoscopie, Lumbar Puncture, cannulation & Venepuncture.