European Bioenergy Research Centre at Aston University


In 2013, European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) moved into brand new premises on the Aston University campus which house seven laboratories. Medical Gases supplied and installed the centralised laboratory gas distribution systems. All the systems were installed using stainless steel pipework with all joints orbitally welded. Some of the systems operate at pressure above 200 Bar. The facility will include giant photo bioreactors harnessing algae, and a 0.4MWel small scale industrial power plant fuelled by biomass. The Plant will generate heat and power from biomass using algae, sewage sludge, wood and agricultural waste as sources of fuel. It will also generate biomass by-products including hydrogen power for low carbon vehicles or fuel cells and Biochar for use as an agricultural fertiliser and a source for decentralised hydrogen production.

Project: European Bioenergy Research Centre at Aston University

Client: Balfour Beatty Engineering

Value:  £240,000